Apocalypse “How To Drive A Truck”

Apocalypse and you need to learn quickly how to drive a truck?   Here i will teach you just the basics to get the truck rolling.  The first thing find a truck then open the door, never mind if the tires are flat it’s an Apocalypse. Now after you’re in the truck adjust the seat […]

Cdl Training or a College Degree

Truck Driver Salary Vs A College Degree   Many people don’t really see the appeal of truck drivers or think much of them when they see them driving down the highway. The thing is, a truck driver salary is often higher than what most people who get a four year degree from a college or […]

Final Hours of Service Rules Announced!

Yesterday the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced its long awaited changes to the driver hours of service rules. The new rules will be published in the Federal Register next week. There is a lengthy transition time as MOST OF THE NEW RULES WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED UNTIL JULY 1, 2013. While MMTA is still […]


Turn  right  on  the  unmarked  unpaved  dirt  road,  travel  4  miles  through  the  woods  until  you  see  the  paper  mill  on  your  right!  What?   “That was the directions that came across my Qualcom”,  one day back in 2003.   Needless to say I was hesitant to drive down that road in Illinois.  In the winter no […]

Trucking In Bolivia: A Look At Local Truck Transportation In The State Of Bolivia

  Bolivia is a beautiful country with an extremely unique geographical perspective. The country has a hugely varied topography ranging to high mountains in the West called the Andes, middle lands that enjoy favorable weather and lowlands in the east that border the Amazonian Basin. As a result, the country has a huge range of […]

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