Ice Road Trucker Lisa Kelly

    #IRT Lisa Kelly   Being the only lady in a man’s world would certainly set you apart from the rest. Take it from Lisa Kelly, the star of the popular series Ice Road Truckers. Hailed as the sexiest trucker alive, this 32-year old Wasilla, Alaska native’s career has grown leaps and bounds over […]

Ice Road Trucker Hugh Returns With A Grudge

Hugh Rowland is one of the stars of the History Channel reality series Ice Road Truckers. Ice road trucker Hugh has been featured on all six previous seasons of the show, and stands to be centrally featured in one of the primary story lines of the seventh season in 2013. Background and Experience Hugh was […]

Ice Road Truckers Alex Makes The Move To Polar

Alex Debogorski, a star of History Channel’s reality show Ice Road Truckers, is one of the legends of driving Canada’s ice roads. He is best known for his careful, skillful driving style and for his attention to safety and detail. A fan favorite through the first six seasons, Ice Road Truckers Alex has made the […]

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