“Diesel prices drop 4th week in a row”, Big oil stealing more of our dollars!!

Big oil stealing more of our dollars The national retail average fell for the week ending august 22nd.  Dropping 2 1/2 cents to $3.81 a gallon, according to the us department of energies information administration.  The biggest drop was in the central Atlantic region dropping 3.9 cents per gallon.  But the national average was still […]

Final Hours of Service Rules Announced!

Yesterday the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced its long awaited changes to the driver hours of service rules. The new rules will be published in the Federal Register next week. There is a lengthy transition time as MOST OF THE NEW RULES WILL NOT BE IMPLEMENTED UNTIL JULY 1, 2013. While MMTA is still […]


Turn  right  on  the  unmarked  unpaved  dirt  road,  travel  4  miles  through  the  woods  until  you  see  the  paper  mill  on  your  right!  What?   “That was the directions that came across my Qualcom”,  one day back in 2003.   Needless to say I was hesitant to drive down that road in Illinois.  In the winter no […]

Truckers In India

        A quick history of Indian truckers and the Indian trucking industry.  India is a vast country with a range of geographical variations. Agricultural lands are usually located in the interior of the country far from any central cities. Most manufacturing units and industries are also located in the interiors to make […]


HIJACKED This happened to me two years ago.  I was going west on I-10 mile marker 80, near Tonopah, Arizona.   When I heard on the CB radio that a four wheeler was going the wrong way on the shoulder.  He was going west on the eastbound side,  then he crossed over onto the westbound side.  […]

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