TRUCK DRIVER GADGETS Mexican USA Cross Border Trucking Program When someone is trying to figure out how to be a truck driver, they might not realize all of the complicated issues that affect this industry. One issue that is currently being debated by almost everyone in the trucking industry is the cross-border trucking program between […]

“Trucking company has the balls to sue Amtrak”

“RENO, nev. – A Nevada trucking company has the balls to sue Amtrak and union pacific, claiming that they failed to maintain a safe railroad crossing at the place where one of their drivers crashed into the train last month. He killed 6 people and injured 20 more.  “The reno gazette reports that in a […]


Turn  right  on  the  unmarked  unpaved  dirt  road,  travel  4  miles  through  the  woods  until  you  see  the  paper  mill  on  your  right!  What?   “That was the directions that came across my Qualcom”,  one day back in 2003.   Needless to say I was hesitant to drive down that road in Illinois.  In the winter no […]

So you want to be a truck driver.

SO YOU WANT TO BE A TRUCK DRIVER? See the country and earn big money doing it.  Well there is more to it then what you think.  “It’s” a job first and foremost.  So there is a lot to think about before you decide truck driving is for you.  First do you really want to […]

Truckers In The UK

UK or the United Kingdom is an economically advanced country with the best logistical and infrastructure in the Western world. It has a few of the best roadway systems in the world that extend for about 29,145 miles consisting of main roads, 213,750 miles  of paved roads and about 2,173 miles of freely-drive able motorways.  […]

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