Trucker on a plane To Philippines

I’m off to Baguio Philippines for vacation I’ve been to Philippines before but always to Cebu, and Davao never to Baguio. It’s a town of 300,000 people just 7 hours drive north of Manila Philippines. It’s 5100 ft above sea level so it’s a cooler climate than southern Philippines average weather of 74f during the […]


TRUCK DRIVER GADGETS Mexican USA Cross Border Trucking Program When someone is trying to figure out how to be a truck driver, they might not realize all of the complicated issues that affect this industry. One issue that is currently being debated by almost everyone in the trucking industry is the cross-border trucking program between […]


This video was taken at a Mexican truck stop in sonyota Mexico. sonyota is a border town along the Arizona border.  Gonzotrucker went down there for the weekend to play.  You can see more videos on my youtube channel.

Not earning enough money as a rookie Truck Driver

HOW TO BE A TRUCK DRIVER ROOKIE < “Yesterday I met a new truck driver in the industry”, Frank from Iowa.  He was just 6 months out of trucking school,  and told me he loves the job but is just not earning enough money!  So he was rethinking a career in trucking when i said wait […]

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