CDL Acquisition Made Easier For Militray Personnel

Over the years, military personnel wishing to obtain commercial drivers licenses had to apply through their home states of record. However, this is likely to change soon when President Obama signs the Military CDL Act of 2012 into law. The bill, which is supported by OOIDA and other parties, will enable military personnel to obtain […]

Covenant Transport

Which career are you focused on now? If you are thinking of a change in careers and want to look into driving for trucking companies as a way of earning a living, then Covenant Transport is the way to go. As one of the leading faith-based trucking companies in the country, the carrier prides itself […]

Everything You Need To Know About CR England

CR England is one of the most popular trucking Companies in the United States of America. The Company was founded by a man by the name of Chester Rodney England in the 1920s. This Company has over the years grown to become a very respected establishment since it offers great trucking jobs to a number […]

JB Hunt Trucking Jobs

The trucking industry has emerged as one of the most promising industries for qualified drivers. With the growing demand of logistic requirements, many companies are facing a shortfall of good truck drivers. If you are a qualified driver holding a valid license and substantial experience, there is no limit to the progress you could make […]

Real life Ice Road Truckers

Trucking is a highly important job that a lot of people may do if they feel that the open road suits them. A job like this can take a lot out of a person, and therefore salary can end up being quite high depending on the company that the trucker works for. Of course, it […]

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