My Big Rig Hero

My Big Rig Hero by Fat_n_HappyHW   So, it’s a crisp fall day in upstate New York.  I’m staring out at all the beautiful fall foliage because autumn is my favorite season.  I’m supposed to be getting us the next load out, but I see a sign for Niagara Falls.  Well, more than just a […]


18 Wheels and a burrito under the hood    “Gonzotrucker runs a relay route in Arizona.”  I show up pre trip and fuel my truck then drive 3 hours to my relay point.  At the relay drop yard i switch truck’s and trailer’s with Larry.  Larry comes from California every night, a three hour drive with a […]

Not earning enough money as a rookie Truck Driver

HOW TO BE A TRUCK DRIVER ROOKIE < “Yesterday I met a new truck driver in the industry”, Frank from Iowa.  He was just 6 months out of trucking school,  and told me he loves the job but is just not earning enough money!  So he was rethinking a career in trucking when i said wait […]


WHY DID JB HUNT PAINT THERE TRAILER DOORS YELLOW?   so there drivers know which end to hook up!   HOW DO YOU KNOW A JB HUNT DRIVER HAS BEEN TO YOUR HOUSE?   your wife is knocked up and your mailbox is knocked down!!   WHAT DOES ROADWAY STAND FOR?     really old ass driver  working another […]


WHAT DOES A SCHNEIDER TRUCK AND A ORANGE BARREL HAVE IN COMMON?     they both have a dirtbag in them!   WHAT’S THE BETWEEN A PETERBILT AND A PORCUPINE?      on the porcupine the prick is on the outside!   WHAT DO YOU CALL A  JB HUNT DRIVER WITH A REEFER?    prime!   DID YOU HEAR JB […]

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