Philippines Truckers

            Trucking companies in the Philippines are known to be classified according to small, medium and large. The small ones hold a percentage of 43 out of the total, those that are running 1-9 units. On the other hand 39 % for the medium ones owning 10-19 units while 18 […]

Truckers In Japan

      The Island country of Japan, home to high-tech robots, the Shinkansen and a leader in eco-friendly cars, has a niche for building things small and sturdy. Which is good in cars, houses and electronics, but when it comes to roads, it becomes a hassle to normal semi-trucks. Having lived in Japan for […]


Truck drivers Christmas Christmas is a time for family, and food. But for most truck driver’s Christmas can be a lonely time. During the holiday most truckers work. If we are not working we are thinking about work. The day’s before Christmas truck driver’s are in a rush trying to make it home. While most […]

Truck Drivers Funeral

In Honor of “William Mc anally”  (Mac) They say when you get diesel in your blood it never leaves. Well im here to say that it’s true it never leaves. When you become a truck driver you will always long for the open road. Over the years many of us have tried to quit but […]

How to change disc brakes

How to change disc brakes Tools required: jack, jack stand, a lug wrench, flat head screwdriver, brake pad lube, a 3/8 ratchet, a socket set, a large pliers or a caliper compressor tool, and brake pads.   Note: Some vehicles require a star bit commonly known as a torx or an allen style bit to […]

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