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Tracy Morgan accident

With the recent Tracy Morgan car accident, media attention all over the country has been directed to the truck driver and his condition during the collision. While most of these news stories will be quick to spin the story, the truth is that the driver’s condition was strongly affected by his working environment. The Truck […]

The Implications of 85

The Implications of 85 Hank Barton is a second generation trucker-philosopher with a penchant for the written word. He enjoys blogging about long haul trucking, safe driving practices and life on the open road. He writes for E-Gears, an online CDL Test authority that specializes in a variety of study guides. The internet, the mainstream […]

Apocalypse “How To Drive A Truck”

Apocalypse and you need to learn quickly how to drive a truck?   Here i will teach you just the basics to get the truck rolling.  The first thing find a truck then open the door, never mind if the tires are flat it’s an Apocalypse. Now after you’re in the truck adjust the seat […]

Covenant Transport

Which career are you focused on now? If you are thinking of a change in careers and want to look into driving for trucking companies as a way of earning a living, then Covenant Transport is the way to go. As one of the leading faith-based trucking companies in the country, the carrier prides itself […]

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