This is a great way to earn a very high truck driver salary driving a truck. Some teams can earn well over $120,000 a year, to the truck. You can learn how to drive a truck with your husband or wife. Or your best friend I know  a father, and son team recently. Team driving has it’s pro’s, and con’s. Pro’s very high salary, and you have someone else to lean on in the truck with you. Most major company’s will train teams.

They like teams because teams run way more miles than a solo truck driver. As a team the truck rarely stops rolling, and that means a higher truck driver salary for you! Imagine this you learn how to be a truck driver with your team partner, and get one year experience. “Then the two of you buy a truck”, and lease on with a carrier earning $1.50 per mile, then drive 200,000 miles a year very possible, that’s $300,000 a year minus expenses. If you work hard to keep expenses low you can bring home $100,000 a year each, just driving a truck or more than that.

Wow that’s good truck drivers salary if you work smart, and run hard. Now do this for say 20 year’s, and save every penny because you are on the road, and can’t spend it all, then you can retire early. Now just imagine making more than $1.50 per mile it can, and is being done. Some owner operator team’s like car haulers earn way more than that. You can get rich driving a team truck it’s easy to do. Now a lot of Truck Drivers complain they can’t sleep in the back of a moving truck, well they probably never even tried. Over time you will get used to it, and be able to sleep. As a bonus you can see the country with your spouse or best friend.


Back in 2005 i ran a team for a small private fleet Abott laboratory here in Arizona. We earned as a company driver .55 cents per mile, and $15.00 per hour for on duty work. Me and Robert started our run in phoenix, and drove Team to Columbus, Ohio then down to Virginia back to phoenix in five days. Home every weekend, and we earned $1500 each every week.

Sometimes we earned more than that. This was my first team job it took me some time to get used to sleep in a moving truck. But over time i got so tired i just slept, “like a baby” So even as a company team driver you can earn very good money. “It’s a good truck driving job for a husband, and wife team. When you learn how to be a truck driver as a team, the company you work for will give you more miles than solo truck drivers.

Company’s like to keep teams moving because they can generate more money for the company. My suggestion pay for your own school, learn how to be a truck driver with a good trucking school. Then work one year for a major company, they have the support a new driver needs his first year. Then find a private fleet near your home, and apply. Or buy a cheap used good truck, and hit the road, and earn a very high truck drivers salary. If you have any question’s feel free to ask me I’m here to help you my friends. GONZOTRUCKER



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