“The benefits to being a truck driver”


A career in trucking might be the change your looking for. “It’ can offer more benefits then you think due to the shortage of truck drivers.  Many trucking outfits are starting to pay more for cross country driving.  With more than 70% of the country’s freight being moved by truck drivers it’s an industry that’s sure to keep growing.  The trucking industry has plenty of benefits to offer you if you’re interested. “Consider these benefits of being a truck driver.”


Medical,  dental, vision,  prescription coverage,  and 401k retirement plus life insurance.   Some truck drivers even get paid holidays.  These benefits rival the fortune 500 companies!



 With a shortage of drivers most companies are giving raises and bonuses, particular for the long haul driver.  “Companies pay more for safe and reliable truck drivers”,  because they are rare.  A truck driver can earn more than a college graduate.  They are  guaranteed pay raises as they get more years of experience Some truck drivers get them for safety, or the types of loads they haul.



 You can choose what types of driving you like local,  regional or long haul?  Also what types of freight you want to haul?  Some companies even allow children and pets to ride along.  Or drive as a team and you can earn over “$100,000 a year.”



 In an ever changing world one thing stays the same things need to get from place to place.  Truck driving promises a secure job market and the longer you drive without any accidents the more secure you are.
So there it is now you can decide if trucking is for you or not?  “It’s”  a different type of job not 9 to 5.  But the benefits are great, and your always in a new location not stuck behind a desk all day.  Trucking is a way of life and for some, not all its the life they wish to lead.      GONZOTRUCKER

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