The legend of the black dog”

The black dog refers to when a truck driver has been driving too long,  and starts to fall asleep he or she will see the black dog.  Usually just before they crash their truck they will see the black dog.  “It’s” a ghostly apparition of a black dog running towards the truck,  causing the driver to steer off the road.  Resulting in a crash that kill’s the truck driver or some innocent person!  In many European country’s seeing the black dog means war, famine, and disease. 


Most of us truck driver’s have seen the black dog at one time or another.  Now ‘it’s getting harder to run like that anymore!!  Back in the late 90s I was working for a company who did not care what I put in my log book.  We truck driver’s were allowed to drive 10 hours with 8 off.  But I like most other truck drivers ran as hard as we could!  Sometime’s driving 20 hours straight! 


One time I drove 5000 miles in one week.  It was not unusual to see a truck driver doing a whole months log book at the truck stop.  After all we get paid by the number of miles we drive so truck drivers want all they can get.  I would sometimes use 3 fake log books,  and drive until I could not even see.   So the question is does the black dog exist?  Well for me it did one night in 1998.


It was a Thursday I remember it Clearly, around 8 pm on I 80 in Nebraska.  I just drove from Angola, Indiana all the way to Kearney, Nebraska 800 miles and 15 hours driving.  I wanted to get a few more miles before pulling over.  My body, and mind was already fatigued from running hard like this all week.  “I fell asleep at the wheel.”   When I woke it was because I hit the rumble strips on an exit ramp at 75 mph.  That’s when I  saw the black dog running towards me!!   

There was nothing I could do but keep the wheel straight, and crossover, and back onto the interstate. After that I was so scared I vowed never to run that hard again! I have never seen the black dog again, maybe because I ran him over on that ramp? Or maybe because you don’t get a second chance to see him?  Whatever it was I hope to never be in that situation again so long as I live.  Have you ever seen the black dog? If so share your story with us here on gonzotrucker. We would all like to hear it . Be safe out there , and get plenty of sleep!

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  1. I’m not a trucker but I have seen a black dog thing. Thankfully I wasn’t driving. It was on the way to a family vacation and was 11 at night. I was fighting sleep in the car and kept seeing this black shape bounding (actually “bounding” not just floating) back and forth across the road in front of the car. What was weird is that the shape acted like it was really on the road… not just back and forth in my vision, but we would approach and it’d get bigger, then it’d disappear behind us, and then a new one would pop up later.

  2. some fool says:

    Driving 14 hours home from vacation through the night to miss traffic. I had been fighting rhythms since about 12:30am. @ 5:45am I looked at the clock feeling fine, was probably in my 5th or 6th wind at this point. @ 6:07am I popped my head up from a drop I never felt coming and saw the forms of two black dogs running ahead of the car between the headlights. They were never solid/clear shapes, more like dust or fog in a breeze. However, they were solid enough for me to shift half a lane to not hit them. No glowing eyes, not running at me or baring teeth. Just a very tired brain trying to make sense of shadows. When the adrenaline wore off I got the hell off the road for a nap. Nothing odd after that.

  3. In 1999 I was a territory sales rep with a large area to cover. I had had a 20 hour day of sales calls and travel in Iowa and was southbound on I-35 headed for home east of Kansas City. I was about an hour from home and totally exhausted when I saw it leap straight up across the hood of my pickup. It looked most like a German Shepard only twice as large. It had long, shiny black hair and a huge open mouth with gleaming white teeth, but the most frightening feature was his glowing red eyes. He disappeared when he hit the windshield. All together his look was just pure hate. I pulled off at the next exit, got out of the truck and walked around a few minutes before continuing home but I’ll never forget his image, especially that look of hate.

  4. I’m not a trucker, but my dad was and always took me with him, I heard of the black dog from the popular movie ‘black dog’
    Now I work night shifts from 530 to 4 am… I drive an hour to get home nightly and usually only get four hours of sleep., it does hit me from time to time.
    Any hue, tonight 5/16/2015 , on my way home from work, I was tired, my eyes were fluttering open. I turned the radio in my car up slightly to try and keep me awake, then I saw something running at me, I thought at first it was a deer, bit it was too small, a dog maybe? Anyway, I figured it would run away once it saw my head lights. No, it kept running before it dashed in front of me in a black blur. I had slammed on breaks to avoid hitting it causing my car to swerve a little. Glad I hit my brakes. My headlights had bounced off a car that was left on the median with the lights off. If i kept moving and swerved I would have ran full speed (60mph) into a car. I looked around real quick to make sure I didn’t cause any unwanted attention from cops or a car behind me and was relieved to see I was alone, except for two red eyes glaring at me from down the road. I quickly turned my car so the lights would shine on this ‘dog’ but as soon as it did, nothing was there. The eyes were gone as well as the blur… Needless to say I now believe in the black dog

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