Truck Driver School Training For Teams

Swift Free Truck Driver School

Swift Transportation Truck Driving Schools offer free truck driver school training for teams including husband and wife, friends, and other individuals. It is considered a great opportunity for people who want an exciting career while transporting or moving cargo from one place to another. Swift schools provide various opportunities for people who want to learn how to drive a truck and eventually  earn money that starts at a salary of at least $35,000 for solo drivers double that for teams.
What Swift Transportation Team Truck Driver School Offers

Through Swift, training participants have the opportunity to receive free transportation, housing, study resources and materials, and tests. In addition, you will receive a free drug screening, physical exam, and waived license fees since this is all covered by the school. These academies waive the fees even if some driving schools change policies such as requiring a medical card and Class A permit. You may want to ask a recruiter if a waiver applies to you. Usually, these schools reimburse drivers for the tuition cost over a 26-month period after being employed. Even if you choose not to take free truck driver school training at Swift, a reimbursement amount for $5,000 is provided if you become a full time driver for the company later.
How to Enter Swift Transportation Free Truck Driver School

You can enter training to undergo a one and a half month of the initial training course and later undergo 4×4 training. You will train with a trainer for one month and then proceed to truck driving after. You will then have to split the money you earned even if you do not become the driver. Swift can also provide a spouse training program which allows couples to drive a truck together. The advantage is that only one student will pay for the training cost.
In addition to these perks, you will get mentorship training if you have less than three month of experience driving over-the-road. For the first month, you will earn $450/week and $500/week in the succeeding two weeks. Once you complete the six-week training, you can be promoted to first seat which allows you to get the key to your truck and begin driving the truck solo. You can choose the gender of your instructor although you may need to wait until one becomes available when a specific instructor gender is fully-occupied. Swift Transportation operates in key locations in the United States., and some of them include:

When you graduate, you can choose your terminal for fuel, repair, and maintenance to ensure your truck is at its peak condition. You can also select your comfort zones which means you can choose where to drive your truck. You can even choose a terrain or route that is close to home. Although you have this option, you should know that driving for Swift provides you full access to drive across the United States and that you have total support from them. As a driver, you will then become confident to take your truck anywhere as you are equipped with the right knowledge and skills in truck driving. If you are interested, you can start studying your options and consider sending in your applications to a Swift free truck driver school near you.

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