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In Honor of “William Mc anally”  (Mac)

They say when you get diesel in your blood it never leaves. Well im here to say that it’s true it never leaves. When you become a truck driver you will always long for the open road. Over the years many of us have tried to quit but always come back to trucking. Those of us who can’t drive any more due to age or illness will sit for hours and stare out at the road. They will talk about their trucking story from back when they were out here. There is a saying among truckers “Going up to Glory riding 18 Wheels” meaning they’re going to drive a truck until the day they die. There are many truck drivers over the retirement age still trucking. Not due to financial reasons but because they just can’t quit!  When i go on vacation all i think about is getting back to my rig. Johnny Cash said it best in his song about Truck Drivers “I keep my eye on the road, and my mind on my load, i got nothing in common with the steady man who is home every day at five”

Trucking is a lonely life but all of us prefer it that way. Trucking is our love, and we would have it no other way. Even the love of a man or women cannot get between a Trucker and the road. The drive to get back is just too strong it’s like a drug to us. Recently one of our brothers passed away in Nevada “William Mc anally”  I seen this post and i felt i had to write about him.

Reposting this for Janie: Janie Mc Anally Fasching – Freewheelin’ hello, my daddy was a trucker for 35 years and he loved it, he always told us his trucker stories and he is 87 and he still says he is going to buy his on the rig and start driving again…. Well he passed away 12/21/2011 ….. Do you know how can I get the word out that my dad’s funeral is about 01/06 in boulder city nv at the veterans cemetery…. I would love for the street to be lined up with truckers or if they can just drive by. It would mean so much to him, me and my family

It would be a blessing to his family if every trucker in the Boulder City, Nv would swing by and blow your air horns. Or at 12 noon where ever you are blow your air horns in honor of our brother trucker.

 Message from his Daughter

His name is William Mc anally…. (His trucking name is Mac) ^he was a great man and daddy and that ^he loved his rig and loved being a trucker and up until ^he passed away he was still telling us that ^he was going to buy his own rig and st…art driving again. And please add that a year and a half ago that my son took him for a ride in his rig and when ^he come home ^he told everyone that my son Aj asked him be his co-driver……

Truck Driver for life

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  1. Thank you for honoring fallen truckers.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this about my daddy. You don’t know how much this means to me and my family

  3. It was my privilege to honor a fellow trucker like me. I hope someone will honor me this way when i go. GOD Bless you and your family.

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