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What you do not know about the logistics sector and Truckers in India.


In this article we are going to learn about the logistics industry and the general livelihood of the truckers (commonly referred to as lorry drivers) in India. In this article we are going to talk about the logistics sector first. You are going to learn about the nature of this sector and how it is different from other countries. Then we are going to learn about the general working conditions of the truckers in India. Lastly you are going to learn about one of the rampant problems faced by the truckers in India. By the end of this article you will have a general idea of the truckers and the logistics Industry in India.


The logistics industry is a highly unorganized sector to a large extent. All one needs to become a trucker is a heavy motor vehicle license. The trucks are usually manufactured by either TATA or Ashok Leyland. Most of the trucks run on diesel. Diesel costs about Rs. 50 (1USD) per liter. The prices keep varying and they usually increase over time. Diesel is subsidized by the Indian government and hence it is available at a lower cost compared to petrol. The freight ranges from vegetables to high end electronic items. The only competing transport of trucks is the Indian railway goods transport system which is not regarded as a reliable means of transport.

The truckers are usually illiterate or people with very little education. Unlike the truckers in developing countries they live in harsh conditions. For instance truckers in the United States sit in an air conditioned unit and drive their trucks. In India it is a totally different situation. You cannot even  imagine an air conditioner used by a trucker. The salaries are also very low and they currently range between 200-300USD or 10,000-15000 rupees per month. The employers usually provide other means of support to the drivers. They pay for the education of the kids of the drivers. They also help out with the family occasionally since the drivers are almost always out of town working.  This usually runs in a very informal manner and it depends on the employer-employee relation.


In the recent past the biggest problem among the truckers is HIV. Since the truck drivers stay away from their families for so long. They resort to other avenues for their sexual appetite and get affected by AIDS. The government is trying to counter this by spreading awareness among the drivers. These awareness programs are also publicized some of the leading actors in the country. On a different note TATA, which is one of the major truck manufacturer,  is trying to get this sector organized by conducting training programs for the drivers. The other manufacturers are waiting to see the results of this program to leap into it.


In this article you have learnt about the current state of the logistics sector. You also know about the competitor for the trucking Industry, the Indian railways, which is nowhere close to competing the trucks. You have learnt about the working conditions and general livelihood of the truck drivers in India. Lastly, you have learnt about some of the recent problems and developments in this sector in terms of health and training to the truckers. You now have an overview of the logistics industry in India.


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What kind of trucks are used to transport goods in India? How much do the drivers get paid? What types of freight do they most commonly haul? What do they have to deal with in their daily life on the job? How they obtain that kind of job is there a special license they need? How much does the price of fuel cost?  Truckers in India

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