Truck Drivers’ Money Saving Tips

2014 US Trucking News – Truck Drivers’ Money Saving Tips

For five years, Truck Drivers’ Money Saving Tips has been working to give drivers practical ways to cut costs.

A lot of drivers know the expense that comes with living on the road. The high cost of items at truck stops, paired with the lack of modern conveniences, drivers can spend a large chunk of their earnings on day-to-day living.

Truck Drivers’ Money Saving Tips was started by Mike and Vicki Simons. The Simons’ wanted to share their money-saving tips with fellow drivers, so they used their years of over-the-road knowledge to educate drivers. A huge reason behind the formation of the site occurred in the days when a couple drove as a husband and wife professional truck driving team. They wanted to save money by cooking and eating meals in their truck, instead of always eating at diners or restaurants. But their expectations of high quality products, marketed with and sold to professional truck drivers were soon dashed.

Truck Drivers’ Money Saving Tips has more than 600 pages of truck-specific tips for drivers.

In addition to offering money-saving advice, the Simons have also become trucker consumer advocates. They speak out about products that were designed for truck drivers that fall short of consumer expectations. This site is filled with recipes, tips on buying groceries, budgeting, and accounting information.

Mrs. Simons states that their website has undergone several logo changes in their five year history, but one thing has remained constant—That is a dollar on a yellow road sign. The text on their current logo succinctly summarizes the reason why they started, and continue to help truckers on the site—Because truckers know that no trucker deserves to be stung financially. They also believe that even as isolated as some professional truck drivers are, not one of them should ever be forced into buying inferior products, or services in connection with his or her job. If every trucker contributed just one money-saving tip or review on their site, then imagine how the entire trucking community could benefit.

Through their website, the Simons provide real world tips that can help professional truck drivers save hard-earned money and personal reporting about products and services for use on the road. They have also developed their unique website as a place to share the tips that they have learned through the years, and where other professional drivers can do the same.

Since 2009, the Simons have helped numerous professional truck drivers and their home support team members to save money in many different ways. The couple’s 21+ years of marriage, frugal lifestyle and commercial driving experience serve as the backdrop for combining two of their passions, which are saving money, and truck driving. Not only have they also published thousands of articles and reviews on their site, but they have also sent thousands of news snippets to their blog, which is continuously updated. This blog is about how truckers can save money, or are being forced to spend money in their jobs. They also publish a free newsletter that is now on its 5th year of publication.



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