“You can’t just get a truck driving job anymore like before.” In your desperate search for a job maybe you’re thinking ill just drive a truck.  Well think again its getting harder to get these jobs. “The problem is, you can’t find people you want to hire or who can pass the drug tests and all that,” said Karen Rasmussen, president and CEO of the Arizona Trucking Association. Even though there is a truck driver shortage right now and it’s getting worse.  According to one estimate the shortage is around 130,000 truck drivers nationwide!  Old truck drivers are retiring and younger people are showing no interest in becoming a truck driver, and trucking companies are being more picky because of safety concerns.
  It has become so hard to fill truck driving jobs that many companies began increasing pay and benefits to fill these positions.  The cost of delivery could rise and delivery times could slow or be late!  If the economy gets better we will have a shortage of truck drivers to haul the freight like never before seen.  Then everybody will notice when their food and clothing does not arrive on time.  Federal motor carries safety administration has enacted tougher regulations to crack down on bad drivers and companies.  This one motivating factor in the decline of truck drivers and causing a shortage.  The trucking industry has become so highly regulated that a lot of truck drivers are getting into a new industry all together.  But trucking has become safer over the years due mainly to better Trucks and a more quality truck driver training program.
Truck driver crashes have been falling for 6 years now, according to the American Trucking Association, which attributes that in part to 2005 regulations that restrict hours of service.The federal motor carrier’s safety administration last year implemented what they call the 2010 initiative pays close attention to truck drivers and their companies from faulty equipment to fatigue truck drivers, And is now considering reducing the hours of which we can drive and that my friend’s will cause an even bigger delay in moving goods across the country ho ho!! How will the nation’s roads look like with that backup?  They are now shutting down companies with a history of bad violations and some with a whole bunch of little violations!.  The FMCSA now has a truck driver pre hire screening program now that makes it easier for companies to see truck drivers past driving history including small violations.  And now all violations are going on the truck drivers license and with too many you can lose your commercial truck drivers license.
  With all these new rules it knocks a lot of truck drivers out of the industry thus making a new type of truck driver shortage.  Some truck driver training schools are being more careful about who there even willing to train now.  Even before these new rules it was getting harder to get young people interested in truck driving across the country anymore.  To leave the comfort of their bed every night and deal with the headaches of being a truck driver.  Before the recession there was a high shortage then during it got smaller and now its growing again.  Bob Costello, chief economist with the American Trucking Association, said, “I am hearing from companies daily saying,  ‘I can’t find enough drivers. ‘ Some of that is quality versus quantity.  They may not be finding the quality they want.” the freight business is coming back stronger than ever and growing at a rapid pace.  Many young people prefer jobs in the tech business now where they can stay home or be close to home working online instead of driving a truck across the country!!  Just take a minute today at the truck stop or shipper and receiver to see the average age of truck drivers around you i’m sure it will be in the 40s.  Or while standing in line to pay for your fuel look around and count how many truck drivers in there early 20s there is?
  From the truck drivers standpoint that is a good thing, but from an industry side its not good at all.  Just like any industry you need rookies they keep truck driving alive.  Who is going to replace you when you retire if there is nobody coming into truck driving and then in your retirement years you will have to fight people at the grocery store for the last loaf of bread until the truck’s arrive. Also that loaf of bread will cost you $10 dollars many truck drivers are switching companies now look for better pay so truck driver turnover is getting high again. And now with the loss of jobs in the economy there is a rush to these truck driver schools of people who have never driven a truck in their life.  They have been unemployed for a while and are getting desperate to feed their family’s.  A friend of mine Jeff is now going through a trucking school in indiana he was in construction for 20 years but he can’t find a job now. 
But like many new truck drivers Jeff does not know how hard it really is to be a truck driver now. Sure anyone can drive a truck but not everyone is cut out to be a truck driver!! If your a local truck driver you will have to unload in all types of weather conditions.  Over the road truck drivers have to deal with shippers and receivers long wait times which cut into your pay, not to mention the new regulations.  So to sum it up being a truck driver is getting harder and the industry is growing faster than ever.  So what will it be like to be a truck driver in 10 years?  I suspect good quality truck drivers will be in demand and can ask for higher pay. Maybe over the road truck drivers will demand an hourly salary and get it! Ho ho way more pay will attract young people into this industry no matter how hard it is or how many regulations are put on truck drivers.  With the right amount of pay most people will put up with any headaches. (Excert taken from an article in azcentral.com) GONZOTRUCKER


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