Trucker on a plane To Philippines

I’m off to Baguio Philippines for vacation

I’ve been to Philippines before but always to Cebu, and Davao never to Baguio. It’s a town of 300,000 people just 7 hours drive north of Manila Philippines. It’s 5100 ft above sea level so it’s a cooler climate than southern Philippines average weather of 74f during the day and 54 at night. I first went to the Philippines 10 years ago to visit my ex wife’s family deep in the jungle on Mindanao southern Philippines. Her family lives in a small fishing village on the north east coast. At the time i went there I was the first white guy they seen in over 10 years so I was looked at like an oddity. I rode a bus 4 hours through the jungle then a motorcycle 30 minutes to her village. When we left to go back to Davao the big city they had a road checkpoint run by the army jungle militia. They stopped my bus to check for bombs they made all the men get off (only white guy) I was shitting my pants because I did not understand what was going on until someone explained to me. I kept looking at the men with guns, and the jungle thinking i might have to flee. But it was alright just a safety precaution. That part of the Philippines is a little dangerous but no more than the ghetto of any major city in the USA.










After that trip I started going to Cebu, Philippines much safer tourist area. Over the last 10 years i made a lot of Filipino friends here, and there. I love their beautiful country the ocean, food, way of life. They live a laid back lifestyle there never in a rush like here. It is a third world country, and very poor so everything there is really cheap. Even cheaper than Mexico. They use peso like Mexico in comparison Mexican peso is 12 to 1 us dollar Philippines peso 43 to 1 usd. So you can live a comfortable life there on less than $1000 USD. My plan is to retire there someday so that is why im going to Baguio a place in the Philippines i never been im exploring the whole country to find a retirement home. For $10,000 usd cash money you can buy a nice little house there close to the ocean. Unlike other countries south of us!! The Philippines start teaching English as a second language in grade school so 90% speak fluent English there. I’ve also never had a problem with crime there crime rates in comparison are lower than the USA. According to the us state department 250,000 Americans already live there, and I’ve met at least 20 of them. My friend Fred has lived there 15 years, and never had any problems. Then my friend rusty lives on Cebu island for 3 years with no problems.Even my friend bob martin has raised his family there.  I even met a retired teamster living there with his wife for 7 years now.

Driving in the Philippines

My friend in Cebu rusty calls it combat driving. There is not too many rules of the road from what I can tell just two rules Yield to everything, and everyone then always honk your horn. I asked a taxi driver if his brakes, and horn were broken which one would he fix first? He said the horn of course! Here is a link to rusty site

The minimum wage in the Philippines is $7 dollars a day for a twelve hour shift with no breaks. So everything there is so cheap, hotel $5 to $30 a night for a decent room. I took a taxi to, and from the airport 2 hours round trip the cost $6 dollars. At McDonalds a meal will cost about 1.25, and yes there is American food, and restaurants there. I even found a Mexican Resturant, and American grocery store.  All the same things we have here they have there. I like to go to the malls there because the girls of course, but they have big malls just like here. There is so much more i can write about but i have to go to the airport now so keep checking back for videos, and news articles of my trip. If ever you wish to go there with me just shoot me an email or comment here. Thanks friends stay safe keep the shiny side up, and bears off your ass.





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