Truckers Thanksgiving

Truckers Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to be with your family, and celebrate the year’s  harvest.  But for a truck driver it is the busiest time of the year, and most of us have to work. Everything for your Thanksgiving dinner came on a truck. From now until January a trucker will earn the most money of the year. October through December is the busiest time of the year for freight, and january through April is the worst time of year. This means most of us spend the holidays away from our families. So when you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner thank a truck driver for the food. I remember one year i was trying to get home on Thanksgiving day i was in northern indiana on Hwy 20. Passing through Amish country when some little Amish girls started waving and giving me the sign to blow my air horn that made my day. I made it home at 4 pm Thanksgiving day that year.

Watching football in the TV room at the Petro

For those of us working we try to stop at the truck stops and get a turkey dinner. Then some of us watch football others spend time talking with other truckers. Some even watch Nascar then we shuffle back outside to our trucks alone, and rest. I remember

Truck stops Thanksgiving dinner

When i first started driving the truck back in the 90s most truck stops would give us a free dinner or discount. But not anymore now the jack up the price on Thanksgiving for truckers not much love for us at the truck stop like before. You can still find some mom and pop truck stops that offer free Thanksgiving dinner to truckers, and when you find them please support them by buying other things and spreading the word.

Truckers load on Thanksgiving weekend

Most businesses are closed on the holiday so no deliver’s if you have a load you will have to wait all day, and sometimes all weekend to unload it. I talked a trucker who had a load to mesa Arizona we were 1 hour away but it won’t deliver until Monday,  so he sits away from family and friends all weekend with very little layover pay. He worked for a big company that pays
$50 dollars a day layover thats it. Sit in his truck on a holiday weekend for 4 days, and get paid only $200 dollars. That is a truckers life get used to it if you’re going to be a trucker!!   But then another trucker had a good load going to NYC so he can drive all weekend this is what you want on a holiday weekend. Remeber truckers keep America rolling without us the world stops.

Truck stops Thanksgiving day


Truckers wife

Then there is a truckers wife at home with the children, and family worrying about her husband and wishing she could have him there. But she understands the life of a trucker and knows how to keep the home running when he is gone. But she does miss him dearly on Thanksgiving. So be safe and get home soon to your family.

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  1. filipinaaz says:

    Wow, I’ve come to realized that. is so so true. Without you guys, we would have not any food on our table. Thanks to you all truck drivers. Be safe!

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