Trucking Dispatchers

“How to deal with dispatchers to get better loads”

Knowing a little about
“dispatchers” is crucial to getting better loads!  First you
should know they earn on average $31,000 a year.  They hold the “key”
to you earning big bucks and your future. They are the biggest factor
for you to earn big money.  They are even more important then your
type of truck or freight you haul.”  Most of them don’t really
care about you earning more money.  Throughout your career you will
have to deal with them.










So how can you get them to work better for
you?   Well it’s simple get to know them on a personnel level.
“Make a 2 minute call each day to them”, just checking in today,
ask hows the family are things going good in the office.  Little
things like that will get you on his or her good side and get “your
name” known to them.   Many dispatchers have 30 or more drivers on
there board so you need to distinguish your self from the pack,  and
1 phone call every day can do that.  Those truck drivers who are not
getting the miles and home time they want,  will tell you there
dispatcher is an *******.   that’s  not always the case maybe there
just not working with the dispatcher in a polite way that creates a
better working environment for both of you.











You will deal with your
dispatcher every day he knows you better then anyone in the company.
He or she knows how good of a truck driver you are.  How many miles
you can run if you cheat your log books,   how much home time you
like, and most importantly how reliable and flexible you are.
Become a valuable asset to them when it comes to taking loads nobody
wants or can do.  “If you have a can do attitude that goes a long
way with dispatchers.”  It’s not always up to them what loads they
have to give you and if you refuse one of these bad loads they wont
forget!  Load planners have most of the control over you and not the
dispatchers.  But if you have a good dispatcher,  and you both get
along he will beg and plead with the load planner on your behalf.
Load planners don’t care because its not there problem they just
need to get the freight moved.  So sometimes your dispatcher has no
say in your loads remember that when you feel like yelling and
screaming at them.  Work well with your dispatcher and they will work
harder for you and your future earnings.


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