Trucking Industry News – 2013 Innovations for the Modern Trucker

These 2013 trucking industry news articles will inform you about the latest gadgets and technologies that may be integrated into your truck and accessories while on the road, in order to improve your work output and at the same time make your trucking job more entertaining and convenient. While apps for weight calculation, efficient roads and weather patterns have become available, the trucking industry has been catching up with the rapidly evolving technology.  Trucking industries recognize the increase in the demand for more deliveries with less money and in less time as possible, and this has made the trucking industry follow the trend and also open new opportunities for more trucking jobs.


Linda Caffee, a woman truck driver exemplifies this advancement.  “We have a lot of technology on our truck,” she says.  Having been driving for 12 years, seven of that team driving with her husband, Caffee relies on technology to get through her duties.  For business, she has a printer, scanner and copier in the truck, and uses this mobile office rather than go out and pay for the same services.   To keep in touch with family, she has a phone in case she runs into a situation.  To update herself about the latest trucking news around the world as well as any update to the rules and regulations of the trucking business, she brings with her a laptop .  Being on the road for eight weeks makes it necessary.


This case is not only true for Caffee and her husband.  In fact, most team drivers all over the country are travelling with a mobile office.  While people perceive trucking as a stable and unchanging business model, this industry is in the best position to acquire and benefit from the influx of technological development.  Having recognized this, technology firms, big or small, are now customizing software that cater to the needs of those in the trucking industry.  So how exactly did technology alter the driving business?


truck industry innovations

truck industry innovations


  1. Becoming social.  In 2012, Wright Media developed an app called Woman Trucker.  Available for iPad and other tablets, iPhone and Android devices, this social app help women truck drivers to communicate and be updated about trucking industry news.  Kenny Wright, CEO of Wright Media explains, “Social is where everything is going.  Two million truck drivers have a smart device.”  Though relatively new, the goal is to make every woman truck driver to use it.  As a social media, the Woman Trucker app has a Facebook-like wall, so other drivers can check in when they reach a destination.  On this wall they can post questions and make comments on other posts, and share any information through their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts.


  1. Mobile surveillance solutions.  Eye 3Data, a surveillance products company, has ventured into mobile surveillance.  It includes public transit, , limousine service, tow trucks, emergency services and school buses.


Its distinct product areas include “plug and play” mobile surveillance,: a two-camera system that is portable with built-in storage that plugs into a cigarette lighter using any vehicle while it is mounted within the vehicle.  An internal SD card can be used to store all video recordings.


Next to it is Eye3Mobile, a collection of products intended to work with car or truck interfaces.  This innovation can altogether monitor factors that may affect a trucker’s duties.  It uses analog cameras that can digitize data for various storage media from as small as 32-megabyte SD cards to multiple terabytes, all stored within the vehicle.


This automatic download gives users access to upload the data to their PC or iPhone using a wireless connection, or take an in-vehicle playback, thereby making them use the mobile software to check the recording in real-time.


Lastly, Eye3 Video Management System or VMS, a digital system, is ideal for specialized needs. Compared with Eye3 Mobile System, digitization already happens within the camera and is transmitted to a PC platform through an Ethernet cable. Eye3 VMS is a popular choice for trucks because each unit can have a camera and store all data stored in a central server.


  1. GPS system.  Specifically designed for trucks, this improved system has larger screens, touch button screens and louder audio system.  As a beta tester for Rand McNally for two years, Caffee continues to be in awe with the development of GPS. This is helpful for drivers in finding routes that are most favorable for them.  One of the causes of anxieties of truck drivers is a detour sign.  Now with Rand McNally, a detour sign is no longer as fearsome.  It lets the driver know which side of the interstate should be used and allows plenty of time to change lanes in case he or she needs to use the exit.


The Rand McNally GPS system, without a doubt, is a handy tool in getting from one point to another. One feature of this device is sharing feedback on the road for unexpected closures and construction delays, erroneous address locations or errors in heights of bridges and speed limits. Says a trucking industry player, “Truckers respond to that. They’re a community that likes to talk to each other.”


  1. Driver-Broker connection.  Internet Truckstop is an online service that helps drivers connect with brokers at the soonest possible time.  This is necessary for them to know their next load.  This website allows 80,000 freight brokers to post their freight on the website for truckers to check.  Using a Smartphone app, they can get an access to lists and choose a load that fits them, their truck and their route.


Internet Truckstop can help drivers save a lot of time, since all the information comes in handy. Leigh Foxhall, director of Internet Truckshop, explains how it goes.  “For example, an over-the-road driver logs into her app.  She’s in Dallas and wants to go to Illinois.  With the click of a button, she knows what matches.  She then makes the call is she wants to move that load.


The diversity of available mobile technology for truck drivers continues to grow. Solutions to common problems in recruitment, surveillance or GPS are already available to them.  All these respond to the different needs of drivers and make a trucker’s life easier and safer. The trucking industry has never been this easy, with almost everything just a push of a button away.
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