Trucking Industry News – Highway Angel Award for Truckers

The trucking industry aims to recognize its good Samaritans via many ways, one of which is through the Highway Angel award. If you are a truck driver and have been practicing “good deeds”, then you may be the next Highway Angel.


The Highway Angel award aims to commend drivers who have done shared good deeds through simple acts of kindness, such as helping fix a flat tire, saving someone from a burning vehicle or administering CPR just to name a few.  So what qualifies for a Highway Angel award?  Take a look at the profiles below of those who received the title in the past.


highway angel

highway angel


  1. Robert Phillips of Cleburne, Texas.  Recognized for helping an elderly couple from an overturned car, Phillips did not hesitate to help them one fateful day of June 2013.  He says of the incident, “I just did what any normal human should have done. It was a group effort, although I am still amazed that no one else from the highway stopped to help -– there were lots of vehicles whizzing by. I guess I’m just grateful that the couple is alright.”  Phillips is an independent contractor leased to American Central Transport, Inc. (ACT) from Missouri.


  1. Kenny Cass, Oregon.   In 2012 Cass was recognized for helping in a multiple accident that saw a pick up truck rear a 53’ tractor trailer. The pick up was pressed under the trailer, which caused damage and injuries to the vehicles and drivers.   Other dangers resulted from the accident but Cass maintained his composure, being on top of the situation 20 minutes before the authorities arrived.   He is a driver development instructor for FedEx Freight of Portland.


  1. Gyslain “Juice” Lemelin .  TCA’s Highway Angel in 2011, Lemelin helped a couple and their dogs from their burning pick up truck.  He used a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and let the couple use his mobile phone after the fire.  In a letter to Lemelin’s employers, the motorists who received Lemelin’s favor has this to say,  “Please tell [Lemelin] that random acts of kindness don’t go without notice, and we are both grateful that he didn’t just drive on by like everyone else.”   He is a professional truck driver for N. Yanke Transfer of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.


  1. Michael Hunt.  When 2 vehicles collided in 2009, Hunt did not hesitate to help extinguish the fire that resulted.  Unfortunately, the fire was too strong and he was not able to save the driver who expired on site.  The rescue cost Hunt his car some damage but he did not hesitate to help the victims at the quickest possible time.  Reliving the incident, Hunt says, “I’m glad I could help one of the drivers, but when I think about the other person who died—that’s tough for me.”  He is formerly a  truck driver for Mail Contractors of America (MCA) of Little Rock, Arkansas, and now an owner-operator .


Aside from the recognition of superior performance, Highway Angels also receive a lapel pin, clothing patch and personalized certificate of appreciation. The trucker’s company will also receive a special certificate to recognize their driver’s performance.  Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) sponsors this event that further aims to elevate the public image of truck driving as a profession.


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