Trucking Job Tips – Five Steps to Ensure a Healthy Lifestyle for Truck Drivers

These trucking job tips will allow you to follow a 5-step healthy lifestyle program while working as a truck driver. Some people, when asked what springs to mind when you hear a truck driver, would smile and think of big bodies with big bellies. But there’s more to a truck driver job than meets the eye. Truck driving in nature is sedentary. It is monotonous that might lead drivers to boredom. Veteran drivers suggest five healthy habits for truck drivers while on the road.


Bond with the Family


Truck driving, in nature, takes a great deal of time away from a driver. This could both be difficult to the driver and his family. When a driver gets home, he may be distracted by several household chores like mowing the lawn, kitchen plumbing and etc. these chores might be unending until the off duty is over. Veteran truck drivers suggest some ways you can do to bond with your family. Before setting out for duty, tell your children your route and you can ask them to research about the place. While you are gone, take pictures of the place you went. Check on your children’s homework when you get home while showing them the pictures. It may sound like work but you can bond with them while doing so. Also, exchange stories with your wife about your endeavors on the road. You might be surprised with similarities you both have experienced.


Keep the Mind Boggled Good


Thinking is a good thing. Thinking too much is bad. It may lead drivers to be easily distracted. Thinking of current problems at home or at work are unavoidable but they may result to anger and that is a not a good thing for drivers. To keep the mind boggled good, a driver may employ these suggestions. First, listening to music is common among drivers. Your built-in stereos can pleasure you with your favorite genres of songs. Keep it on. Second, you might not be aiming to become an interpreter, but listening to language tapes is favorable. Truck drivers cross borders and it is possible that they reach places inhabited by different cultures and languages. Learning few phrases can be an advantage since you will be dealing with clients for their goods. Finally, invest in motivating or inspiring audio books. Who is favorite author? Purchase some of his audio books.


Get Enough Sleep


The FMCSA new regulation states that truck drivers are mandated 30 minutes sleep time or break. Make sure to spend it. This regulation has been carefully studied making sure it is for good. You can get sleep during truck stops. In cases where your car broke down, try to get a little sleep while waiting for the repairs to come. Some drivers might be having trouble getting sleep probably due to different reasons, and these are usually dependent on your mattress and pillow, the working condition of the fan or heater and unnecessary noise from the environment. You can get enough sleep if you settle these issues. A white noise machine can help block unnecessary noises.


Get Some Exercise


Truck drivers are limited to a maximum 11 consecutive driving hours a day. Consuming all 11 hours to driving might bring you no good. But where then can you fit exercising? While on truck stops, spend a little time walking or running with your packed running shoes and pedometer. Folding bicycles are also good suggestions to entice you for a short drive around the parking lot or good places around the truck stop. With you sleeper berth compartment, it surely can still keep some tools for weights. Keep not the bulky ones.


Eat Healthy While On the Go


With the convenience and easy access to food, your favorite delicacies are just around the corner of truck stops. If you are running late for deliveries, make sure to stock healthy food like pre-washed vegetables, fruits, spinach and lettuce.


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