Trucking Job Tips – Top 5 Countries with Employment Opportunities for Truck Drivers

Looking for trucking jobs? The five countries below need many truck drivers this 2013. Find out if any of these countries can be your next destination for the trucking job you want.


Trucking Jobs in the US


The United States remains to be one of the world’s most powerful and influential countries on account of their impact in trade and commerce. The United States is behind some of the world’s most important brands in various industries. These supply their country and the world with food, pharmaceutics and medical equipment, fuels, automotive and telecommunication devices among others.


Effective transportation of goods contributes to maintaining commercial progress in the country. This has increased the demand for truck drivers in recent years. The latest rise in oil production in the United States has also called truck drivers to the oil fields, where they handle a variety of commercial trucks.


To maintain the high oil production in the country, more hands to operate machinery are needed by many companies in the US. Enforcing safety measures for commercial truck drivers ensures a healthy working environment for US truckers.


Trucking Jobs in the UK


Even as residents from the United Kingdom and elsewhere in Europe are traveling to the United States, there is still high demand for commercial truck drivers in the United Kingdom. Several different commercial driving licenses are required from truck drivers, depending on the load they are allowed to carry at a time and how far they can travel with that load. Specific guidelines are also followed when it comes to traveling to common routes from the British Isles—particularly when it comes to traveling in France.


Similar to the United States, strict regulations are also enforced on commercial driving license holders. This is to control their alcohol intake.


Since UK truckers commonly travel to France, they are required like French truckers to carry breathalyzers at all times. This effectively reduces alcohol-related accidents in much of Europe — Whether in the mainland, or in the British Isles.


Trucking Jobs in Australia


There is also a rising demand for truck drivers in Australia, and foreign workers are encouraged to work there as commercial truck drivers. The vast landscape of Australia is ideal for long-distance road travel.


Inter-modal transportation from the sea ports to various points within the continent makes truck driving crucial to the economy. Commercial truck drivers from the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Asia and even the Americas are encouraged to immigrate to Australia for a career in logistics. Similar to the United States, foreign workers are required to carry worker visas, in order to become eligible for working in Australia.


Regional and over-the-road travel can be challenging in Australia due to the climate and, possibly, the road conditions. Fortunately, they have safety regulations for commercial truck drivers, and these regulations are similar to almost anywhere else. Rest periods are allotted to truck drivers, and they may be required to have a rest day or two following a shift.


Trucking Jobs in Japan


Japan’s high-tech industries have led to very high demand in truck drivers. Logistics in Japan involves transporting goods from one end of the archipelago to the other, which is a very long way to go. Japan’s commercial trucks are about as technologically advanced as many of the goods they carry, to transport them to inter-modal railways throughout the archipelago from the hundreds of shipping ports in the country.


Extensive training is required when operating commercial trucks because of the vehicles’ advanced technology. This is attributed to the country’s trucking industry’s efforts to contribute to saving the environment from pollution. Commercial trucks are designed to be fuel-efficient with little to no gas emissions regardless of the heavy loads they carry across the country. Environment-friendly technological equipment improves rapidly every year, requiring regular training for drivers, engineers and mechanics.


Even with the recent introduction of “self-driving trucks,” Japan encourages people to enter a career in logistics, particularly in truck driving. Highly skilled hands are needed to keep the trucks running properly, regardless of technological advancement. This maintains the country’s steady commercial progress.


Trucking Jobs in Iraq


Oil production remains Iraq’s most important industry, and the fertility of the area allows the country to develop its infrastructure. Aside from oil field jobs, commercial truck drivers in Iraq are also needed for transporting construction materials and electronic goods and hazardous chemical substances.


The difference in commercial truck driving in Iraq from the aforementioned countries is that the government does not enforce safety guidelines for professional drivers. There are no speed limits or weight restrictions. Any rules are enforced among individual companies, so truck drivers from in and out of the country only need basic training to become a commercial truck driver. Further training may be taught within the trucking companies there.


Because of the high risk in working in Iraq, truck drivers get significantly high salaries. Some truck drivers travel through war zones, and some of them reside where heavy fires are common. You can think of it as being nearly as risky as becoming a firefighter, law enforcer, or miner almost anywhere else in the world.


Many commercial trucks in Iraq are flatbed trucks, which can carry heavy tanks, inter-modal containers, construction materials, and other dry goods.


The prospect of working in Iraq can be scary because the risks are incredibly real. However, it helps to maintain a positive outlook on the job and focus on getting the work done every day. After all, compensation for such a high-risk job makes up for the challenge of having to be greeted with armed individuals almost every day.


Additional Trucking Job Tips


  • If you are working away from your home country, it helps to keep important documents with you. These help to identify you and verify that you are a legitimate commercial truck driver. These also help sort out any problems in case you are caught in an accident.




  • Familiarize yourself with trucking regulations imposed on companies and their drivers. Laws and restrictions vary from state to state. If you are in doubt, you may consult with your supervisors. They will appreciate your dedication in doing your job well on their terms.


  • Keep a first aid kit with you at all times, in case your company does not provide for it. Your health is essential in your doing your job well. Learn to remedy small injuries and recognize the early onset of common diseases. This prevents your having to stay out of work for long periods.


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    Hello am a Cameroonian truck driver travelling to the USA with a tourist visa. Is it possible to attend a CDL class A course ?

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