Trucking Job Tips – Trucker Skills and Qualifications

Possessing a skill in a certain trucking job is required, along with significant relevant truck driving experience. Many trucking companies posts heavy requirements and qualifications for aspiring truck drivers. It might be difficult for some, but the companies lay these in accordance with the Federal regulations issued by the State. Most trucking companies look for someone who possesses both required papers and the truck driving skill. Found below is a list of the primary requirements. An aspirant must:


  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Possess a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) to be able to operate on any motor vehicle. Only 21 years old and above are given CDL.
  • Be able to pass the physical test which mainly focuses on good hearing and eye sight. The eye sight should be at least 20/40 vision. Color blind individuals would definitely fail the physical test.
  • Be able to pass the written test on rules and regulations. This is to check whether the applicant can operate commercial trucks safely. The written test is issued by the State Motor Vehicle Administration.
  • Possess a clean driving record. Anyone who had been convicted of crimes like felony, illegal drug use, driving under the influence of alcohol, and so on would not qualify.


Obtaining these requirements can put both the applicant and the trucking company at ease. It implies that the aspirant has the ability to acquire good skills needed for the job. Remember, truck driving job needs a lot of sitting and it is monotonous. There are several skills needed in a truck driving job. Some trucking companies include these in their training programs.


Truck drivers should:


  • Be reliable and responsible. It is necessary that the driver pays attention to speed limits to avoid being chased by a traffic enforcer. Also, obeying rules on the road and carefully observing the environment can prevent accidents and ensure safety to both the driver and the other motorists.
  • Be organized. Keeping track of your expenses is one part that needs your attention. In addition, doing your paper works on time will prevent delays of your deliveries including the pay you deserve after accomplishing your task.
  • Attain good navigation skills. Trucking companies are directed to specific roads. A driver should be well-versed in reading the map despite the presence of GPS. Check the roads you will be using to ensure your safe passage and to save time for delivery.
  • Possess good communication skills. Communication between the driver and people he will be encountering as a truck driver is sometimes a difficult task. The driver should possess good communication skills to be able to deal with clients, dispatchers, and even people in the gasoline stations during the truck stop.
  • Have self-motivation. The driver’s self-motivation is important in having the job done properly. The long driving hours might tire and discourage you but merely thinking you have to get a job done is a lot helpful. Also, being healthy contributes to a consistent self-motivation. Take care of your health, too.


Over all, the skills and the requirements listed above will help someone who is aspiring for a truck driving position. For veterans, it will remind them of their years in service for having obtained such skills and who know, it might help for advancement.



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