Trucking Job Tips — Your Future with the Top 4 Trucking Companies

So you want a trucking  job and become part of the trucking industry? Surely, being part of the top four  trucking companies is your goal. The Journal of Commerce lists the top 50 trucking companies of 2012 and below are the top 4 and their promises of career advancement in the industry. Take a look at the list and start aiming for a spot.


Trucking Jobs

Trucking Jobs


  • UPS, the mega global package and delivery service promises both professional and part-time positions to qualified applicants. Its catchy employment deal offers trucking jobs that are appealing to students. Why?


UPS offers programs that provide payment for students’ tuition fees. The company registered some $54.1B revenue for 2012.


UPS services 16.3 million packages and documents in more than 220 countries. This year, the company launched a time-temperature-sensitive monitoring system to protect customers and eliminate losses in profits, otherwise known as  the UPS Proactive Response Secure.


In terms of services that UPS  offers, this is by far the highest in level, according to Bill Hook, Vice President of UPS’ s global healthcare strategy division. This propriety technology allows UPS to identify affected shipments due to delay. To date, this service is available throughout the US, Puerto  Rico, and outside shipments, as those bound to countries in the European Union.


  • Fedex, a global courier delivery service company ranks second in the trucking industry. They provide part-time and full-time employment and promises within or in the proximity of your city. The company boasts of worldwide businesses for transportation portfolio, e-commerce and business services.




Fedex, which began operations in 1973, services 25 US cities and has the largest all-cargo fleet. The company registered $11B  revenues in the third quarter of 2013, which is higher by over 4 percent than the same quarter of last year.


  • J.B. Hunt ranks third in 2012’s list of top trucking companies. The company profile boasts 95% of driving jobs that are locally or regionally based, thus allowing drivers to get home daily, weekly or bi-weekly. The company operates semi-trailer trucks as well as transportation  services throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.


With over 50 years in the trucking industry, JB Hunt registers an annual revenue of over $3B.  The company continues to grow as one of the largest trucking companies in the US.


  • YRC Worldwide comes in as the fourth top trucking company. At the moment, the company has a long list of CDL trucking job opportunities, ranging from line drivers to local city drivers, as well as part-time combination drivers.


Founded in 1930, YRC is a transportation provider that assures delivery of tradeshow exhibits with no extra charge. Adding to its credit is its being the sole LTL transportation provider that has on site representatives at all main-border crossing points in North America to facilitate clearance from Customs.


In the second quarter of 2013, YRC has seen a reduce in its losses from $22.6 M to $15.1 million compared to the previous year. It steadily makes long-term improvements in its LTL operations by narrowing its losses.


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