Trucking Jobs: Truck Driver Shortage A Myth?

Especially over the past couple of years in particular, there has been a great debate over the issue of truck driving jobs and a shortage, in America more than anywhere else. Not only are longtime drivers retiring or quitting their job and going elsewhere to find work, but the low pay and long hours are making many people who would otherwise be interested in a position as a truck driver go somewhere else instead.

For the average person who is trying to work as the breadwinner and make money for their family to survive, it only makes sense they would not be interested in a job if it’s not worth their time.

This is an even bigger issue when you take into consideration the amount of time and effort that goes into the training process just to become a licensed truck driver. You need to complete a detailed program and obtain your commercial driving license before you’re able to apply for and obtain a job as a truck driver. You want to make sure you get paid what you’re worth though, and this crisis is making a lot of people turn away.

Companies in the US are more in need of professional truck drivers now than ever before. Because of the low pay and other issues however, there is a disinterest for most people.

Even in the bad economy, where many people are struggling just to make enough money to get by, people aren’t exactly swayed to take truck driving jobs.

Many people have thought this to be a myth instead of a fact, and that the only reason there is any sort of truck driver shortage is because the trucking companies are not willing to pay the workers what they deserve. Truck drivers make more money in other parts of the world than in the United States, which is the main problem.

There are vacancies in truck driving companies all around the United States. The myth issue is that many people think there is simply a lack of people with the ability to drive a truck professionally, when really it has to do with the low pay rate and other issues. There can be something done about this, which would entice these people to go forward and get a job as a truck driver.

Considered to be the biggest myth in the trucking industry, there is not a shortage of drivers but instead a shortage of pay, which is the real issue here. Some companies don’t even offer benefits, which is another big downfall and a reason there are so many qualified workers who who simply aren’t interested in the available jobs.

Besides that, there are usually poor working conditions and long hours, which, considering how little most of these workers are actually paid, doesn’t make it worth it. It’s not hard to see why so many people have a distaste and aren’t interested in the many trucking jobs which are actually available.

The average truck driver spends the majority of his week out on the road, away from his family and friends. Living out of a truck and traveling around, constantly on the go, which isn’t appealing to most people. When you take all of this into consideration, the truck driving myth becomes clear and it all starts to make sense.

As long as there is not much incentive for truck drivers in the present day, it’s only going to continue. That is why there are so many truck driving companies out there who are taking steps in the right direction, to do what it takes to create interest in the available jobs and bring in potential workers. It will take time, but it’s essential in order to fill these positions.

Currently there are changes being made, and hopefully these will only continue. Whether you’ve been working as a professional trucker for years or this is just something you’ve begun to get interested in, it’s good to know there will hopefully be positive changes in the near future.

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