USA and Canadian Trucking Industry Guide – Top Truck Driver Training Schools


It is the right time to seek training if a person wants to have a career as a professional truck driver. There is a shortage of drivers in the trucking industry. These companies are in need of drivers who own a CDL. These truck driving schools provide trainees with necessary skills to take advantage of this driver shortage.

USA Truck Driver Training Schools

Southwest Truck Driver Training

Southwest Truck Driver Training is licensed by both the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division, and the Nevada Department for Motor Vehicles for Class A, B, and C, and Bus Training. It was also employed by 3rd Party Testers for on-site CDL testing.

Programs for single piece equipment operators are 3 weeks to 1 piece equipment worth $5,885. General Heavy Equipment Operator is 10 weeks and 4 piece equipment worth $17,997. AZ Plus Tractor Trailer Driver Program 9 Weeks AZ, worth $9,360.

The Southwest Truck Driver Training has campuses in Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Southwest Truck Driver’s Training not only trains the driver to pass his Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) test, but they will also train him to become the kind of professional driver that most companies are looking for nowadays.

Southwest Trucking Driver’s Class A CDL Training program is designed to give each driving student a basic knowledge that is required to obtain a Class A CDL. Class B CDL Training is for individuals who want to operate a single vehicle such as cement mixers, or delivery trucks. Students who complete this course will get a Class B CDL, along with an Air Brakes endorsement. Their Refresher Program is for drivers with prior driving experience within the last 2-3 years.

Diesel Truck Driver Training School

This school is one of America’s oldest networks of truck driver training schools. It offers four different training courses to prepare future truck drivers. It has an online training course that tackles everything the driver needs to know to pass the CDL exam. Passing this exam is the first step towards getting a Commercial Driver’s License. This course prepares the driver for the Class A Road Test and DOT physicals with its classroom training.

Classes run from Monday to Friday, from 6:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The Diesel Truck Driver Training School is certified as an eligible training provider under the Workforce Investment Act. This allows the school to take part in WIA funding programs that are administered by the state’s Department of Workforce.

Those who attend the Free CDL Classroom Training Classes are eligible to receive a $200 scholarship. This scholarship may be applied to all CDL classes offered at Diesel Truck Driver Training School.

Western Pacific Truck School

Western Pacific Truck School has provided drivers with training programs for over 30 years. Their Class A curriculum complies with all the rules and regulations that were set by the Department of Transportation, as well as the Federal Motor Safety Administration. This is the only truck driving school that was honored with the California Trucking Association’s Fleet Safety Award. Their course work includes driving on the open road in a highway, city and heavy traffic conditions, and safe and efficient operation of various types of tractors and trailers. They also teach an in-depth study of DOT safety rules and regulations.

Their Class B Commercial Driver’s License Program is a 40 hour course in California. This course teaches drivers the operation of straight trucks, trip planning and navigational skills, and driving on the open road in a highway city. Western Pacific Truck School also has a course for forklift drivers. This truck driving school has a placement professional to assist students with their job search. Trucking company representatives visit their campuses regularly to recruit new students.

Canadian Truck Driver Training Schools

Ontario Truck Driving School

The Ontario Truck Driving School of London was founded in 1978. It is one of the largest registered private vocational schools in Canada. Their objective is to provide truck, bus, and heavy equipment operators’ professional training, in the operation of modern equipment. These are utilized by today’s transportation, as well as construction firms.

Their Border Crossing Trip was formed with their Border Officials to give their students proper border crossing training. They have also incorporated a stop at an MTO Inspection Station. This is where MTV officials give their students complete understanding of the importance of these stations, and what is required from drivers. Students are trained to use forklifts, aerial lifts, boom trucks, and heavy equipment courses. Lessons are taught by over the road instructors who have been through the challenges that new students may encounter.

Valley Driver Training

Full AZ Program: This course is designed for drivers who keep a DZ license, and wish to obtain an AZ license. This is also for drivers whose AZ licenses have lapsed, as well as for drivers who hold an AZ and wish to improve their skills. The course length is based upon the recommendation of the instructor, after completing a Road Test/Evaluation. This comes in the form of a pre-trip inspection that follows a road test using the school’s 13 speed tractor, with a tandem axle van. These Road Tests/Evaluations are only by appointment.

Their full AZ program includes a classroom course of 62 hours, a drive time of 52 hours, as well as a yard training of 40 hours. Other courses include coupling and uncoupling procedures, preventative maintenance, and vehicle weight and dimensional limits.

Arranging the payment of tuition fees is actually quite easy. The student can pay through cash, check, money order, or credit card. The student should only use the funds that he needs to pay for tuition, books, living expenses, and other expenses related to education.

Transport Training Center of Canada

It is Canada’s largest provider of truck training and heavy equipment operator training. This company is recognized by Canada’s employers, and the insurance industry. In order to have insurance, small training schools are required to have an inspection from a third party, gain an audit, and report back to the insurance company. The other option is to have the campus be recognized as a legitimate Transport Training Center of Canada campus.

They train their students under real conditions, both day and night, and in cities or highways, and in different kinds of conditions. A little bit of extra training means that the student will graduate as a job-ready professional, with more than just a license, as well as a variety of skills. The aspiring driver’s training days are settled around his personal schedule. He will also receive his personalized timetable. This recognition will give the aspiring driver more employment opportunities.

Classes/Offers: Load distribution, part-time/full-time loading, log books, dangerous goods, skid school, and simulator training.


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