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When we look around there are many ways to transport parcels, goods and packages. On focus of numerous marketing agencies we see that transport efficiency plays a vital role in it. Many companys have hired common carriers for this job and in return of their money the hired laborers transport their material goods from the headquarters to the other.  Many of the companys don’t pay much attention to their transport facility. They somehow forget the fact that the more efficient the delivery service would be there would be higher chances to increase the level of production. The companys lagging behind in the efficiency of transport are not admired moreover people don’t remember such companys in good word hence they lose their good name in the marketing industry. They should pay attention on the truck driver salary to receive perfect transport.
If we make a quick analysis of the wide range of marketing agencies and industries we can consider “Wal mart” a prominent name in this list. Why Wal mart gained this title is an ordinary question with a simplified answer. Wal mart store is the largest range of retail stores. This company has one of the largest trucking fleets throughout the world. The company is keen in the thought that if all the deliveries are done on time then it is a plus point in maintaining a high rank in the field of marketing. Keeping an eye on this factor the Wal-mart company hires a large number of drivers for this purpose. The most intriguing part for this profession is that these drivers are paid large sums of money for very reasonable periods of service.
It may be previously recorded that Wal-mart Senior drivers have a choice should they prefer to work six days six off, six days three off, five days four off, four days four off or seven seven. Full-time drivers can make over $60,000 a year and senior drivers an average of $65,000 or $75,000 a year.  This is a great freedom of working hours.  The Wal-mart driver’s salaries have been a great attraction for a large number of people wanting a sane profession and need good amount of money to support their families or earn a living. The part time drivers make an average of around $0.50 per mile which includes Sleeper Berth Pay, Trailer Hook-Up pay, and mileage pay. Part time drivers can make around $30,000  per year working around three days a week. On each mileage and delay of time the drivers are provided with a safety bonus at the end of the year. The truck driver’s salary of Wal-mart is very satisfying for each of the truck drivers.
The experience requirement isn’t much other than the fact that the driver should be driving for at least three years, and he should have a minimum of no more then 2 accidents on his record.
Every truck driver of Wal mart has a good salary coming his way and Wal mart has earned a good name due to this generosity in its facility.

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  1. castin Jean mary says:

    I was working for wal mart more then 4 years in the retail store,now a professional truck driver I Desided driving for wal mart

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