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YRC Yellow Roadway

There are many trucking companies that offer transportation services around the world. However, not all of them are well equipped and organized. It is every competent truck driver’s dream to work for a reputable trucking company. This is because such companies have well serviced trucks and good organizational structure. One of the most reputable companies in the industry is roadway express.

Roadway express

Roadway is a one of the reputable trucking companies that offer transportation services across North America. They always aim to provide quality service and ensure customer satisfaction. This is made possible by the dedicated personnel, adequate and efficient trucks, accurate tracking system and excellent shipping facilities. They provide a wide range of services, such as commercial, industrial, retail and personal cargo delivery, via land and air.

Brief history

Roadway express was started in 1930 at a place called Akron in Ohio. The founding fathers were two investment minded brothers, namely Carroll and Galen Roush. The company started at a period when the motor transport industry was budding. Therefore, there was little or no competition, which automatically made it one of the ideal trucking companies for retailers and manufacturers.

To keep up with the competitors and changing industry, Roadway had to regularly change their mode of operations. This allowed them to stay relevant despite the changing environment. Therefore, the company grew swiftly and before long outdid the few emerging competitors in the industry. Now, it is a prominent  Trucking Company in North America.

Roadway trucking is a company that targets people who do not own their own transport vehicles that can transport bulk goods over long distances. Since most average people do not own such vehicles, Roadway is a good alternative. They provide good and affordable means of transport for all types of goods. With their fleet of double trailers and cargo planes they are able to transport goods to any location within the shortest time possible.

Why you should work for Roadway

There are many reasons as to why one should work for Roadway. The first thing is their top quality facilities and equipment. They have well-organized departments that ensure that coordinate packaging, loading, licensing and unloading of goods. This way the driver’s job is made easier, since all he or she is meant to do is drive the truck.

Moreover, they have the latest trucks and loading and unloading facilities. Therefore, the drivers are able to provide high quality service easily. The trucks are also fitted with the latest tracking systems. This ensures that the company knows each and every truck’s position. Therefore, if a truck develops a mechanical problem, the driver does not stay stranded, since help is sent immediately.

For one to become a truck driver, he or she should possess a driving license. Most trucking companies prefer their drivers to have a doubles endorsement on their driver’s license, and Haz-Mat.  This is because they mostly haul two trailers. If one meets those requirements, then he or she is eligible to work for  trucking companies like Roadway.


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  2. if you get in to an accident your fired.

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