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Tracy Morgan accident

With the recent Tracy Morgan car accident, media attention all over the country has been directed to the truck driver and his condition during the collision. While most of these news stories will be quick to spin the story, the truth is that the driver’s condition was strongly affected by his working environment. The Truck […]

eHighway Project Transforms US Trucking Industry


2014 Trucking News – eHighway Project Transforms US Trucking Industry The extensive amount of natural gas in America has been increasing the need for alternative-fuel trucks. But, the introduction of the all-electric truck is also showing signs of being a good project. FedEx and UPS are researching with all-electric vans in urban applications. These vans […]

New Law on Misclassification of Truckers in New York


2014 US Trucking News – New Law on Misclassification of Truckers in New York Employers who misclassify truck drivers from New York face civil and criminal punishments under a brand new rule that goes into effect on April 10. Classification has implications not only for employee drivers, but also for truck owner-operators, and leased operators. […]

Florida Toll Road SunPass Faces Overcharging Lawsuit


2014 US Trucking News – Florida SunPass Faces Overcharging Lawsuit A Florida car hauler has filed a lawsuit against the Florida Department of Transportation’s toll collection agency, SunPass. A SunPass is a type of electronic device that attaches to a driver’s windshield, allowing him to pass through assigned SunPass, E-Pass, and O-Pass lanes. The tolls […]

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